What to do With Your Costly Roseburg Fixer-Upper Property

What to do With Your Costly Roseburg Fixer-Upper Property

Unfortunately for owners of fixer-uppers, when competing in the real estate market, most buyers search online for properties they can move into immediately. As a result, the likelihood is high that they will scroll right by a listing that doesn’t present well. As a result, sellers understand they are up against a severe challenge when the inspector arrives and often spend restless nights awaiting the report. 

In addition, the inspection results may cause the buyers to back out or request you allow credit for the repairs, often with exorbitantly high estimates, further depleting your sales profits. Finally, when you’ve got a property that needs repairs or total rehabilitation, the situation will likely only progress into further distress as repairs on the property are delayed, increasing costs tremendously. 

There comes a time you must finally put an end to the suffering. The exit strategy you use can make a massive difference in the outcome and the amount of cash you walk away with after the closing. So read on as we explore what to do with your costly Roseburg fixer-upper property. 


FSBO or for sale by the owner is another option if you have a Roseburg fixer-upper property that has become too costly to hold. Unless you want to face possible contingencies and deal with assisting the buyer in qualifying for a loan, usually taking a hit for the necessary repairs, you’ll need to sell as-is for cash. This option is often attractive because there is little room left for a profit with this type of listing, and listing as an FSBO doesn’t involve paying thousands in real estate commissions, leaving more profits for yourself. However, while it sounds good in theory, regrettably, it rarely works to your advantage to sell on your own. You’ve taken a loss from the start, FSBO homes tend to sell for 26 percent less than those listed with an agent, and the percentage of FSBO home sales has slowly declined and now only accounts for 7 percent of market sales. One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your FSBO is to set your asking price too high or too low; either can cause your listing to linger. Before jumping into the market on your own, why not contact a local professional investor, like an expert from Sky Real Estate Investments, who will detail the amount your home could sell for on the traditional market vs. the offer we make for your home?

Make Repairs

Of course, while time-consuming and costly, the most profitable way to sell a Roseburg fixer-upper property is by completing the work and presenting the home in a renewed state. If this isn’t an option, you could instead do minimum updates and repair the most obvious damage. While television shows have made this undertaking appear as if it’s easy, you should hire professionals to ensure you aren’t causing further damage. However, before you begin, you should thoroughly understand the ARV, or after-repair value, to ensure the project is worth investing your time, energy, and finances. By reaching out to a direct buyer like those at Sky Real Estate Investments who believe in total transparency, you’ll understand each figure used and precisely how your direct buyer reached the offer. Then, you can make an educated decision about what works best for your circumstances.

Traditional Listing

A money pit may be all buyers see as they scroll through listings and see your Roseburg fixer-upper property. You can expect lowball offers, as the buyer will sign off on taking on all of the risks of unseen damage or structural issues as they dig deeper into the project. Because you’ll be required to complete a disclosure form, despite the as-is status of your listing, it’s best to be upfront about the issues you’re aware of while pointing out all of the positives about the property. It’s best to provide full disclosure and face the problems head-on, avoiding unnecessary costly legal conflicts down the road. On the other hand, should you decide to sell directly to a local buyer like those at Sky Real Estate Investments and relieve you of the burden, we’ll take on all the risks of the repairs. And unlike a traditional listing, you won’t pay commissions or closing costs. And you’ll have a guaranteed closing date to plan your move, often in weeks. Now, relax; if that’s moving a bit too fast, Sky Real Estate Investments is flexible on the closing date.

Sky Real Estate Investments

The easiest solution is selling it in as-is condition to Sky Real Estate Investments for relief from the costs of your Roseburg fixer-upper property, and an offer you’ll agree is fair. At Sky Real Estate Investments, we do this because we are your neighbors here in Roseburg, and we take great pride in our work; we want you to feel good about working with Sky Real Estate Investments long after leaving the closing table. Call Sky Real Estate Investments at 541-643-1131.


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