Are you getting ready to sell your house? We are real estate professionals with over 28 years of experience. Whether you want to list your home with an agent, you want to do it yourself, or you want to see what selling your house to us looks like in this market, we should talk.

There is no obligation to learn about the different options, and it’s just wiser to be fully informed before making any big decision… and making the decision to sell your house, that’s a big one.

We Buy Properties In Any Condition –

Are you currently facing any of these situations?

  • Are You In Foreclosure or Are You About To Be?
  • Do You Own Unwanted Rental Property?
  • Do You Have Frustrating Tenants (Or Family Members) That You Can’t Get Rid Of?
  • Do You Own A Vacant Property?
  • Did You Inherit An Unwanted Property?
  • Do You Need To Relocate Quickly And Need To Sell Your Current House Fast?
  • Do You Want To Avoid Paying Realtor Commissions?
  • Are You Going Through A Divorce?
  • Do You Have Little Or No Equity And Need To Sell?
  • Do You Own A “Fixer Upper” That You Don’t Want To Fix Up Or Don’t Have Time To Fix Up?

We are specialists in solving real estate problems… especially ones that pose a financial burden on you. However, we are only interested in win-win solutions for the people we work with. , as the homeowner. Sometimes the best option is listing your property and sometimes it’s a better option to sell fast to an investor.

Sometimes the best option is selling direct… but sometimes it’s best for us to list the property for sale. We can do both.

Troy Schuyler

Just fill out the short form below or give us a call at 541-643-1131, one of our experts will help you (with no pushy sales techniques or obligations)… we’ll help you make sense of all of the possible confusion and present you with the options that can potentially change your life and help you get back to normal.

We are unlike anyone else you may have worked with in the past! We are local and very involved in the community. We look at all the options to see if our cash offer is the best solution for you. If not, we’ll look at other options that would be best suited for your needs.

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