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How to Sell Your Remote Land in Roseburg

Are you looking to sell rural property or remote land in or around Roseburg OR? If so, you’re not alone, the Douglas County area has more than a few remote properties. While keeping land in your portfolio can be a smart move, if your life’s needs happen to change or if it’s not generating any income, selling your rural property might be your best decision.

Maybe you’re relocating or just tired of paying the property taxes on a piece of property that isn’t doing anything but costing you money. Maybe it’s time to cash in and reinvest that money elsewhere, or maybe it’s time to take that long-awaited extended vacation and see some sights.

Whatever your reason is for selling, here are pointers and tips on how to sell rural property in Roseburg and get the best possible results.

Things To Know When Selling Rural Property In Roseburg OR

Finding The Right Buyers For Rural Property

As I mentioned, selling rural property in Roseburg, land with no liveable structure is different from selling other types of real estate. The truth is, most buyers are looking for land with a home so your buyer pool becomes much smaller when you’re looking for a buyer who wants to buy bare land.

Finding the right buyers will require marketing specifically to this niche of land buyers who are specifically looking for bare land to build their dream home on. No shotgun marketing approach will work here… and depending on the topography, location, and availability of utilities, marketing a piece of dirt in a way that will appeal to those buyers is more challenging than it may seem.

If you decide to list with a real estate agent to help you sell your rural property in Roseburg, you’ll want to be sure they know what they are doing. We’ve had a flood of agents pour into the business over the past few years and not all of them… new or seasoned agents are qualified or experienced land specialists.

When you interview agents, make sure you feel confident with your broker’s ability to market your property, getting it in front of the right buyers at the right time. Some properties would also benefit from special listing placement on land-specific websites which can come at a cost as well.

When necessary, they should also help you prepare the land so it is shown at its best. And then there’s the presentation… With any rural bare listing I take (as an agent) I provide aerial video shots and professional photography. Got questions about my land listing package? Contact me here or shoot me a DM.

You might also consider having a survey performed, especially if your property is remote, or private, or if the boundaries are hard to identify… and then make sure the property boundaries and corners are clearly marked. You’ll want any buyer who views the property to know exactly what they are getting. It also makes it easy for anyone driving by to take notice of the property.

Understand The Zoning Laws

Understanding Douglas County OR property zoning laws… also important, especially when you’re selling rural or remote land in Roseburg? When representing a property for sale, it’s always good to know what is allowed… and not allowed so you can inform potential buyers.

Know what the zoning laws are but don’t be the source of information!


That said, be careful not to be the source of information. It is okay to relay on the information you believe to be true about the zoning or any other aspect of the property, but never be the “source.” To avoid risk, always name and credit the source of information, something like; “according to Douglas County…” Make sense?

So then, when trying to sell your property, it’s a good idea to have a general, informed understanding of what can and can’t be done with it. Here are a few things to research before attempting to sell your rural property in Roseburg:

  • Are there any local building restrictions?
  • How is the land zoned?
  • Is it economical to develop the land?
  • Does the lot have water and electrical hook-ups or is it raw land?
  • How large is the property and does it require special access?

When in question, call or visit your county planning department. There are times when landowners in Roseburg can apply for and get approved for exceptions to the zoning restrictions or even a possible zoning change. So even if the land isn’t zoned perfectly for your buyer, you can still have that conversation with the planners.

Before selling your remote land in Roseburg, you need to understand what can be done with it. While it is ultimately up to the buyer to do their homework, understanding a property’s potential will help you become better prepared to sell. I would be happy to help you learn more about the zoning laws for your property and provide resources to do your own research.

List With An Agent, Sell Yourself, Or Sell It To An Investor?

While the MLS is the most common and usually the best option for selling homes and rural property, there are other options in Roseburg. Working with a Roseburg real estate agent will cost you some money in the form of a selling commission, but you might have more exposure to your marketing…

You can sell yourself FSBO, but then you’re responsible for the whole thing, which can be a tad bit overwhelming for most people. The other option is selling your rural property or bare land directly to an investor. It won’t cost you anything to do this.

You’ll just want to look at and compare the cost as well as the estimated net proceeds at close of escrow to make an informed decision. If you’re considering hiring a real estate agent in Roseburg to help you sell your land, I’d love the opportunity to interview for the job. I’ll present you with all 3 options so you’ll know which works best for you.

Keep in mind, as investors our general goal is to purchase single-family and multi-family properties but we do occasionally look at bare land so there is no pressure to sell whatsoever. If you decide that selling direct is the route you want to go but it’s not a perfect fit for us, no problem, I have a handful of ready-to-buy investor clients on stand-by.

Compare Your Options When Selling Rural Property

There are ways to sell rural property in Roseburg, and these are just 3 of the most common. Not sure which way is right for you? Grab your calculator and run the costs to see which way makes the best sense for your situation. If you don’t know how or if you would like me to run a mock-up estimated closing statement, shoot me a DM.

Is it better to list it with an agent, sell it yourself, or sell it to an investor? That’s a question you’ll need to answer. It all depends on your time, money, and selling goals. When selling any piece of real estate, take the time to compare all of your options so that you can choose the one that will help you meet your goals.

How Sky Real Estate Investments Can Help You Sell Your Remote Land in the Roseburg Area

Ready to sell your rural property in Roseburg? As a licensed real estate broker in Roseburg OR, I can help you with the listing, and as an investor, I can take a look at your property to see if it fits our investment parameters. It doesn’t take long to do either.

Reach out to our team to learn more about the current market for land in the area, and to get an offer from our team. We are happy to answer any questions you have about selling land in the Roseburg area. Give us a call today to learn more! 541-643-1131


I'm Troy Schuyler. I have been in the real estate business since 1994 and have helped hundreds of people buy and sell homes. I have created a good name and great reputation with the community over the years by providing 5-star service and excellent communication. My wife and I also invest in real estate and buy homes in any condition as long as it is a win-win for all parties. Got questions? Shoot me a message and we can go over your options.

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