4 Things You Need to Know When Selling A Fixer Upper House in Roseburg

3 Things You Need to Know About Selling A Rundown Property in Roseburg

Selling a fixer upper house in Roseburg can seem challenging, overwhelming, and stressful for homeowners. Should you make repairs? Should you take the time to fix it? Or should you try to sell your fixer upper house as-is?

Many homeowners in this situation just don’t realize that there are actually several options available when selling a property in less than desirable condition. The process doesn’t have to be overwhelming

In fact, the selling process can be simple, stress-free, and rewarding. Here are 4 things you need to know when selling a fixer upper property in Roseburg.

4 Things You Should Know When Selling A Fixer Upper House
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All Repairs Won’t Give You A Dollar For Dollar Return

Some homeowners are tempted to overspend on fixing up the house while other homeowners do their best to pinch pennies and do not want to fix anything. When it comes time to sell your fixer or unwanted property, it is important to have a plan so you don’t make either mistake… and definitely before putting the sign in the yard.

So, the overspender and over-improver do so with the hopes of getting their money back when the property sells. But before you pull out that credit card, think about how much you have already spent on the home. Also, keep in mind that some repairs simply don’t offer a dollar-for-dollar return.

For example, spending money replacing a worn carpet may sound like a good idea, until you turn off buyers because you chose the wrong floor coverings. In some cases, you may be leaving some things as-is, allowing your potential buyer to modify them according to their taste.

I’m not underestimating the importance of fix-ups and improvements and I’m not recommending that you do nothing to your fixer upper house before listing it for sale. I’m just making the point that it is very important to have a plan and stick to your budget.

As a licensed real estate broker and investor, I’m happy to offer tips and recommendations about what you should or shouldn’t do before selling your fixer? Shoot me a text or call me direct at 541-643-1131 or contact me here.

When You Know You Must Disclose – Everything

Do not ever attempt to conceal problems that may affect the home’s value, the quality of living for your buyer, or any other material fact that you know might influence your buyer’s buying decision.

Yes, it’s a fixer upper house but that doesn’t exempt you from the Oregon requirement for home sellers to provide a Seller’s Disclosure Statement which tells the buyers everything you know about the property – to the best of your knowledge.

Disclosure requirements for fixer upper house in Oregon
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When listing with a real estate broker, there are certain circumstances where an Oregon home seller may be exempt from disclosures. Ask me about this… but it still does not exempt you from disclosing what you do know.

Another way around some of the red tape issues to is to sell as-is directly to an investor. It’s not for every situation but might be, especially when selling a fixer or unwanted property.

My recommendation is to always be upfront and straightforward about any problems the home has. It is just the right and honest thing to do. Besides, you don’t want to find yourself on the hook or in front of a judge for damages.

Depending on where the property is located, a few common things you may need to disclose include…

  • Water drainage problems
  • Plumbing or electrical issues, including septic systems
  • Knowledge of easements, encroachments, or other agreements that might affect the value
  • The appearance of toxic chemicals or lead-based paint in the home
  • A death or violent crime
  • Any health hazards in or around the home
  • Mold, water, or fire damage
  • Knowledge of rot or other repairs
  • Misc. list of known needed repairs
  • A summary of any neighborhood problems or nuisances
  • Prior inspection reports

All or some of these things might apply to you if selling even if the house you’re selling is a fixer. Not disclosing problems is a violation of the law, and puts you at risk of being sued for fraud or breach of contract. It will also put your home inspector on the spot as these are problems that should have been noted in their report.

When selling a fixer upper house in Roseburg, make sure you are telling your potential buyers everything you know about the property. It will help you avoid problems down the road and give you a clear conscience when you go to sleep at night.

Finding The Right Buyers For Your Fixer Upper

Obviously, a fixer house isn’t going to appeal to everyone who is looking for a property on the MLS. It takes a special kind of buyer to buy a house that needs work. And, depending on the condition and fixing that needs to be done, it probably will not qualify for bank financing so you’re likely looking for someone with cash.

Listing on the MLS is one way to market the home. There are buyers watching for fixer homes to be listed. It can take a while to find the right buyer, but I’ve sold many rundown properties through MLS over the years.

When marketing a fixer upper house for sale, you’ll need to appeal to those looking for a fixer. Sky Real Estate Investments can help you do that via a listing or a direct sale. Whether we buy your fixer direct for cash or we help you find the right buyers for your unwanted property in Roseburg through a listing, you will be able to sell in less time and for more money. It’s what we do.

To List Or Not To List… That Is The Question

First, it is important to understand that you do not need to list your fixer house on the MLS in order to sell it. In fact, there are ways that can be more beneficial to homeowners other than a traditional listing. Sky Real Estate Investments helps our clients by offering full listing services as well as assisting clients with a direct sale, if they prefer.

Our Direct Sale Model Is Simple…

  • We will discuss your property, letting you know a ballpark price
  • We will view your property to evaluate the condition
  • We then determine if the property fits our direct sale guidelines
  • We then put together a formal offer, without any hidden costs, commissions, or fees

Once we reach this point, we will open escrow and prepare for closing. We can usually close in 7 days or so but can work around your time frame – you get your money at closing, and there is never any pressure on you to move out right away. If we buy it, it must be a win-win for all parties.

Dealing with a fixer upper house can be stressful enough. Our goal is to help you evaluate your options so that you can sell your house in the best way possible. There are many ways to sell a property in Roseburg. Sky Real Estate Investments not only provides traditional listing services to our clients, but we also offer ways to sell directly.

Our creative solutions will help you sell any fixer property while experiencing a straightforward and stress-free home-selling process.

Do you need to sell a fixer upper house in Roseburg or Douglas County? If so, Troy Schuyler and Sky Real Estate Investments can help. Give us a call or text to learn more about us and the creative solutions we can offer homeowners. We are happy to answer any questions you have about selling a rundown property in Roseburg! 541-643-1131


I'm Troy Schuyler. I have been in the real estate business since 1994 and have helped hundreds of people buy and sell homes. I have created a good name and great reputation with the community over the years by providing 5-star service and excellent communication. My wife and I also invest in real estate and buy homes in any condition as long as it is a win-win for all parties. Got questions? Shoot me a message and we can go over your options.

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